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We believe in creating a Negotiating Culture to support your organizational culture

Research shows that skilled negotiators are more empowered, engaged and happier employees, which results in better commercial outcomes and productivity.

Negotiators often overlook the importance of ‘designing their negotiations’. As double-agents, our coaches have real life negotiating experiences backed with commercial knowledge gained globally. They are real-world negotiators from both sides of the negotiating table.

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Hands On & Practical

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Everyone Negotiates

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We teach, coach & merge you in this life-skill journey.

Negotiation is what we do and share hands-on skills within a structured framework to help you improve and reach your goals.

Fun & Focused

Our workshops are focused, intense and fun where everyone negotiates.

Become Negotiation Ready for the Real World

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We believe negotiation is both an art and science.

Uniquely combining process driven methodologies and EQ, you will master techniques to confidently put into practice the skills learnt and transform outcomes.

5 Opportunities to Learn & Practice the Skills

The MAGIC and USP of the workshop lies in the Coached Video replays to reinforce the learning.
Negotiations will be replayed to the whole group with expert coaching to collectively learn & capture skills & teaching points.
Be the observer of the negotiation. See how your team negotiates as you learn from their performance to gain further negotiating knowledge and insights.
Each session starts with learning new theory on negotiation with the whole group. This interactive theory session blends into your real negotiating issues.
Learn how to prepare effectively for your negotiation both as a group and individually. Get prepared for your upcoming negotiation.
You will lead your negotiation both as a group and individually. Practice the theory learnt in your negotiation. These sessions will be video recorded.

Learning Cycle in a fun and safe environment

You will continuously learn more theory and have additional opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt, to improve on your initial practice session.
This incremental learning and practice cycle will help you to gain more confidence & control.

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