We believe organization do better deals when they operate from a negotiating culture mindset. We partner with you to implement a rigorous process and proven methodology within an interactive and fun environment to maximize your ability and deliver a more successful outcome, consistently.

How to better Negotiate with Clients and Client-Procurement?

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How much Power does Procurement really have?

This program is for you if…., you’re working with a client or on a sales proposal.  It’s very likely that your negotiation will need effective Procurement-navigation in order for you to get your ‘best-value’ accepted by the client, including by client-procurement.   Knowing how to successfully control and steer your negotiation with Procurement, including how to successfully manage their tools (RFPs, e-auctions, etc.) will be key to your overall success.

Procurement’s power has been steadily increasing and they are not going to disappear anytime soon.  So, it’s up to you to bring a new, fresh approach to steer and shape your proposals with your negotiating-skills to circumvent zero-sum negotiation mentality and do better deals, faster.

In addition to learning the Negotiating Process, we will also equip you with more ‘inside knowledge’ on Procurement.  Learn about their KPIs, their tactics and language used in negotiations and just how much POWER do they really have.

So, if you’re looking to better understand Procurement’s mind-set, their tactics and the GAMES they play in negotiations, then this workshop is for you.

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How should Creative, Digital & PR Agency Professionals negotiate?

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Client-Service or Client-Servant?

This workshop is designed for Agency professionals, who regularly engage, manage and influence Revenue, Time and Resource on projects with Clients, Suppliers and/or Procurement.

Overtime, the average Agency profit margin has continued to decrease and Agency leaders persistently face real pressure from clients and especially from client-procurement on their bottom-line.  To some, Client-Servicing feels more like Client-Servants.

If you need help to build your negotiating skills that gives you more confidence and control to professionally push back and create a more level playing field, where you start to negotiate more Agency-value and not just Cost, we can help.

So, if you’re working on a client proposal or managing on-going projects, let us coach you to steer your negotiation in a more controlled and confident manner.  Improve your Pitching techniques, learn to secure more commercial value for your creatives and how to reduce your key pain-points around scope-creep, delays in payment and discounted-proposals.

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When should Sales Professionals stop selling and start negotiating?

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What do you do when your selling-skills is no longer working? Is what you’re offering does not go far enough and you’re asked to concede even more? If so, maybe it’s time to stop selling and start negotiating.

This program is designed especially for sales professional if they are looking to shorten their sales-cycle and want to know how to create an economic incentive-based negotiation to improve value and do-deals quicker closer to your intended outcomes.

Participants will also benefit from learning how to better negotiate with Procurement and acquire greater understand of their tactics and the GAMES they play in your negotiations.

Learn and practice the skills to protect your value.

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Negotiation has the power to change not just commercial outcomes and careers, but even our daily lives.