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Conflict is Not a Battle,
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Why Negotiation
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Negotiation Remains One of
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Why Are 8 Year Olds
Better Negotiators?

Why Choose Us

We don't just train you; we transform the way you negotiate


We believe you learn the most by ‘doing’. You'll learn HOW to negotiate real life scenarios, helping you to build more skill, control & confidence.

Double Agent

Negotiation is 3-D. Learn & practice how to combine ‘tactics’; ‘deal-design’ and ‘at the correct negotiating table’ from both sides of the business fence.

Impactful Interface

We know the rumble and tumble of deal-making, hence our programs are effective for all business sectors – across all functions – at all levels.


Our interactive workshops make you negotiation ready for the real-world. Empowered and confident with real and practiced skills to use from day-one.

Negotiating Skills Development

We focus on Negotiating Skills Development and Solutions, utilizing real life experiences to coach and train both in person and virtually.
Our clients gain more value, resolve 'conflicts' faster mutually whilst strengthening relationships, helping to transform the way we all negotiate.
Learn to design and transform the way you negotiate.
About Us

Our Services

The interactive workshop has both core-elements and additional modules to skill-up participants from all business sectors – across all functions – at all levels. We negotiate daily, whether we realize it or not and effective negotiation is now more important now than ever. So, whether you're trying to close a new deal or repair an existing one, managing disruptions in your supply-chain or operating in the new commercial reality, our negotiating solutions can help you improve your outcomes.

Our Workshops

Our workshops are focused, intense and fun where everyone negotiates.
75% of the workshops are hands-on & exercise based where you get to the practice the skills learnt in a safe and fun learning environment. No company-confidential information is used in the workshops and no pre-work is needed.
We offer post workshop Clinics to reinforce learning and report robust ROI.

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