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Transforming Your Business

We believe negotiation is both an art and science.

Uniquely combining process driven methodologies and EQ, you will master techniques to confidently put into practice the skills learnt and transform outcomes. Our workshops are focused, intense and fun, where everyone negotiates.
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Transforming Your Performance

Behaviour Changing

If we want to change our negotiated outcomes, we first need to change our behavior in our negotiations. Learn & practice behavioral tactics that will transform your outcomes.

Negotiating Strategies

Learn different negotiating strategies to help you achieve your goals and do deals faster closer to your intended outcomes. Build more dexterity and know-how in your deal-making.

Business Alignment

Developing a strong negotiation culture in your business will positively impact profitability. Optimize your negotiation capability and empower your negotiators to delivers results, faster.

Improved Governance

We help you develop negotiation capability across every department of your business, from frontline negotiators through to C-suite. Become better, more confident & successful negotiators.

Our Vision

To create skilled negotiators; who are both creative & courageous in building collaborative relationships & value; transforming the way we all negotiate.

Our Mission

We aim to provide practical & skilled-based negotiating framework with real-life examples, encouraging participants to apply the skills learnt in a safe, dynamic & fun environment.

About Us

Negotiation in Motion

The MAGIC & USP of this workshop lies in the video-replays which brings-to-life the learning in a fun, safe and coached manner.  Participants not only learn from their own performance during a mock-negotiation but also from their peers during the video-replays, where all of the Good, Bad and The Ugly is played out in a safe learning environment.  A real ‘aha’ moment which further enhances your skills and knowledge.

75% of the workshop is practical.   Mock-negotiations allow you to practice the skills learnt based on real-life ‘conflicts’ and challenges.  They are intense, interactive and great fun.

 You walk away confident and negotiation-ready for the real-world.

In Class-Room or Virtual

All our negotiating skills workshops can be conducted both in classroom and remotely via online training, delivered globally in English.

Whilst the online sessions are virtual, the skills learnt are real.  It has all the benefits of in-class coaching sessions and remains very interactive with seamless creation of breakout-rooms for group preparation, negotiating-arenas for the mock-negotiations which are all video-recorded and used as part coached debriefs, screen-sharing to write/draw negotiation scenarios and discussion points.

The knowledge gained is for the real-world even when negotiating virtually.

Negotiation Clinic

To all the alumni, we provide support to ensure they remain negotiation ready.  These Clinics ensure both skill-health and the fitness of the negotiators remain optimum.

The alumni group participates in our Clinics to embed their learning, measure & report ROI using the skills learnt and identify areas that have worked well and/or need further focus.

These Clinics further support Clients in building a Negotiating Culture within their organization.

Powerful Results with Robust ROI


We deliver an average 12.53 ROI from our workshops.

With our proven methodology and process, we enable our clients with practiced skills to further improve their confidence and help them keep in control of their negotiated outcomes which endures beyond the workshop.



Limitation is in the eye of the beholder.

Sun’s light scattering results in a blue-sky.  But in reality, the clear sky should be more purple.  Whilst, omnipresent, the color-purple does not appear due to our own eyes’ limitations.

A ‘perfect storm’ is needed for us to go beyond this limitation and for the magical purplesky to appear.  Our coaches create this atmosphere allowing you to achieve more and go beyond your current barriers.

We specialize in negotiating skills coaching and share our deep-rooted knowledge on negotiation process, strategy, tactics, behaviors and language to enable and empower our clients achieve more.

Become Negotiation-Focused

We believe skilled negotiators are happier people because they know how to successfully navigate life’s challenges with more dexterity and control.

Whether we realize it or not, we negotiate daily. So, learn to become more negotiation-focused and not just deal-focused. Develop a strong negotiating culture with us.

We provide best-in-class negotiation coaching to the world’s best and our curriculum is rooted in an understanding of how people learn most effectively, and we teach life-changing skills that will endure over time.


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